Fryton Catering

South Barn, Fryton, Slingsby
York, North Yorkshire, Y062 4AT

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Phone : 01653 628774

Fryton Catering | Vegan, vegetarian and special dietary requirements.

Fryton Catering Company is supremely qualified in presenting excellent menu choices for all tastes including, significantly, those for special dietary requirements:
Dairy Free
Wheat / Gluten Free
(*Most dishes can be suitably adapted and incorporated into menus that all the guests can enjoy).

Favourites include :
Dairy free / wheat / gluten free Chocolate Mousse
Dairy Free Pecan Tart
Dairy Free Yorkshire Puddings
Dairy Free/ wheat / gluten free Crab Cakes
Dairy Free/ wheat / gluten free Sausages

  All requests for specific dietary needs should be addressed to Linda who will advise on menu choices.

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