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Ready to serve dishes and readymade meals| Fryton Catering

Party Time with Fryton Catering Company involves us providing all your catering requirements so that you can concentrate on making the event itself go with a swing. Delicious food, created to your specific taste, can be delivered to your chosen door or it can be collected – whichever suits you best!

First, take a look at our menus including some really delicious hot dishes. Just make your selection and tell us if you would like them delivered in earthenware oven to table dishes or in disposable foil containers ready for your freezer. Equally attractive cold buffet options, desserts and cakes, are also included in mouth watering menus from Fryton Catering.

Ready made meals from Fryton Catering are the perfect solution for family and friend weekends, self catering holidays, new mums, school holidays, and all those occasions where good home cooked food is the order of the day. Significantly, the recruitment of Fryton Catering Company's expertise and dedication ensures that all the pressure will be taken from you, leaving you time to enjoy the day. Success!

Food from Fryton is an essential element when planning a milestone birthday, christening, funeral, corporate or black tie event, summer barbeque or Christmas party. We will liaise with you on every point and ensure that all aspects including cutlery, crockery, staffing and menus are covered.